When it is your time to retire, feeling financially confident when starting that journey is important. Harvest Future Financial can help create a plan that is customized for your retirement goals. 

Our planning process will ensure that funds are invested appropriately for your particular need. A comprehensive plan incorporates investments that meet your short-term needs in addition to planning for the future.


Assets that are not going to be needed for some time or that are meant to pass on to beneficiaries should be invested in more aggressive investments because access to funds is not as important. These types of assets, meant for long-term access, are able to be in invested with less concern for volatility.

Funds that will need to be accessed within the next 10 years should be invested more moderately. A risk conscious approach is appropriate. Since access to these accounts is important, less exposure to risky investments can limit volatility.

Funds that are used for cash management and the general household budget should generally not be invested. These types of assets should not be tied to market volatility.